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Home Facility




Carl Browning has been with the company from 1973 and has owned and operated it as Browning Transfer & Storage since 1979. Starting in 2009, let him use his expertise to ensure your goods are stored properly with the attention they deserve at Browning Warehouse Self Storage.


Can I have access? 

Just Call Carl and set a time -- No Problem -- No Charge.


We are very proud of the storage facilities in our warehouse.  With palletized vault storage, racks for upholstered furniture, and extra warehouse space for those hard to handle items, we are capable of storing and protecting any of your household goods. 

Protocols for pest control and storage cleanliness assure the safety of your belongings.  “Clean” – “Quality” – “Safe” – “Professional” – Sound like somewhere you would like to store your household treasures?

When I've decide to store, then what? 

     Bring your goods to our warehouse and we will assist you in putting them away in the secure vaults.  You can also visit with us about bringing a vault or vaults to your location -- you fill it -- we come pick it up! 


Need to store upholstered furniture? 

     We will shrink wrap each piece and place it in our storage racks -- almost like being in your home.